In a span of 34 years, Larry was a distinguished engineer for AT&T Bell Laboratories; director of Advanced Technology at Rockwell International; Chief Technical Officer/Engineering VP at Teltrend Inc., and he holds 15 US patents.

     He has demonstrated his leadership skills as a member of: the Moulton-Udell School Board, Moulton Economic Development Association, Judson University President’s Advisory Board, Hope Pregnancy Center Board, Christian Education Chairman/Church Board.

    He is an ardent supporter of Iowa’s farming and hunting activities.  He owns a 728 acre farm and received a conservation award for planting 120,000 trees.  He is also on the Indian Hills Sustainable Agriculture Advisory Board. 

    Larry believes firmly in the sanctity of human life, traditional marriage as ordained by God, and the original intent of our Constitutional rights.

    I worked in laboratories for 34 years and then immediately began planting a hardwood forest. However, when I looked up from my works, I sadly discovered that no one had been tending the store. The liberties I’d had as a youth had been slowly usurped by an encroaching government. Now my childrens’ future is dependent on government actions. I want my kids to have the same freedoms and opportunities that I had.

Being an Iowa Representative is not a “career” for me. My beliefs and values do not waver like the wind. It is a duty to be a representative of the people, elected by the people, to work for the people.

    I want to limit the role of government, strengthen traditional families & their values, insure our outdoor freedoms & the rule of law. - Larry Sheets

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